Your condominium property in safe hands

The Condominium management team deals with all joint administrative matters and manages everything to do with joint condominium administration – such as gardens, car parks, front faces, roofs, steps, lifts, central heating, swimming pools, etc – everything in full conformity with the law, with the regulations for each condominium and with all decisions taken by the joint owners at general meetings.

The annual general meeting is the supreme governing body of the condominium and is essential to its management. It takes place once a year and all members are invited  by the management to take part.

Management of a condominium covers the following points:

  • Keeping the accounts, including compiling the budget;
  • Getting quotations for reconstruction work (e.g. exterior, balconies, new solarium, etc);
  • Organising maintenance work;
  • Monitoring the correct execution of tasks assigned to the caretaker;
  • Preparing the condominium AGM (notifying, agenda, translation, minutes, end-of-year adjustments);
  • Corresponding with administrative offices, AHV, insurance for caretakers;
  • Filing documents relating to the condominium (various payment records, correspondence with owners, craftsmen, etc.);
  • Reporting any damage at the condominium to the relevant insurance company and staying with the matter until finalised;
  • Dealing with, managing and acting on matters in the interest of condominium owners and doing what they expect of management.