Assofide SA – from 1924 to the present day

At the beginning of the last century,  Piazza Grande was the nerve centre of the region around Locarno. It was precisely on the edges of this square that Oreste Borghi opened his real estate firm of the same name in 1924. Oreste Borghi was a pioneer of the modern concept of condominium ownership, in keeping with the expressed desires of tourists. It was he who built the Condominio at Minusio in the early 60s, and who created the regulations for the joint management of life for all members who owned one or more apartments in a condominium.

With the passing of the years the city of Locarno became an important tourist centre, and large-scale building began in earnest. Condominiums and building increased, the market bloomed and apartments were sold off plan. These were boom years for real estate.

When the founder, Oreste Borghi, died in 1972,  his son Silvio took over. But real estate was facing a crisis, the sector was stagnating and Borghi’s company  also suffered. After the departure of Silvio Borghi in 1983, the agency changed owners several times and also its name, eventually to become Assofide SA, when it was acquired by Giancarlo Cotti. At that time Assofide SA was made up of Giancarlo Cotti, proprietor, Erica Borghi, sales, and three other members of staff.

Under the new management, Assofide SA was relaunched, restructured and reorganised into the departments property management, condominium management and sales, to which was added a department of technical translation. Assofide SA currently has 40 staff.