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Translation service

The translation service was started in 1993 and is one of the few translation agencies in Ticino forming part of a real estate trust company. The underlying reason was the fact that all property management involves close contact with supply firms, architects, craftsmen, etc, and these are a source of valuable information about the special needs of the market and possible niches within the ambit of technical translation.

The most common direction for translation work is from German to Italian, which constitutes 95% of turnover. The remaining 5% consists of Italian to German, German to French and German to English, for which tasks independent outside translators are called in.

The clients are mainly private firms which are active in the following areas in Switzerland:  

  1. Project building
  2. Construction and civil engineering
  3. Energy
  4. Transport
  5. Telecommunications
  6. Industrial cleaning
  7. Pesticides
  8. Do-it-yourself
  9. Kitchens
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