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Property management

The property management team is concerned with discharging all administrative tasks in conformity with the law, the regulations and the management contract with the owner of the building: i.e. all administrative action relating to maintenance work inside the apartments or other matters to do with the tenancy agreement.

Managing a property includes:  

  1. Organising / Reletting (issuing contracts, giving notice, acquiring references for possible tenants, etc);
  2. Contact with the owner / client;
  3. Contact with tenants, which includes management activity relating to maintenance work and with public utilities;
  4. Representing the owner / client before public departments as regards official notification, combined with a facility to approach responsible administrative and legal authorities on legal matters, enforcement procedures, etc;
  5. Checking due dates in all contracts as regards rents, bank guarantees and sureties, insurance policies;
  6. Checking the correct execution of all tasks assigned to caretakers (technical management);
  7. Handover and return of apartments, including relevant negotiations with landlords;
  8. Ongoing maintenance and repairs, following quarterly property inspection or the list of works to be carried out within a given period.
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